Bike rental Luz St Sauveur prices

With Insurance * Bike insured with deductible of 500.00 Euros (AVIVA Insurance). Bike of equivalent or higher range if bike not available.

½ day
81,00 €
1 day
96,00 €
2 days
182,00 €
3 days
258,00 €
4 days
339,00 €
5 days
420,00 €
6 days
495,00 €
7 days
570,00 €
Per additional day
60,00 €

  Tourmalet Bike Rental SIZE GUIDE

To help you choose your frame size offers you as an indication these few correspondences:

  • If you are between  1,55m et 1,60m : frame in 48 cm      XXS
  • If you are between  1,59m et 1,64m :frame in 50 cm        XS
  • If you are between  1,65m et 1,72m :  frame in 52 cm         S
  • If you are between  1,73m et 1,79m :  frame in 54 cm          M
  • If you are between 1,80m et 1,86m :   frame in 56 cm         ML
  • If you are between 1,87m et 1,95m :  frame in 58 cm            L
  • If you are between  1,95m et 2,02m :  frame in 60cm          XL

However depending on your morphology and your practice, you may need to take a size above or below. Do not hesitate to contact us for more advice.


Rental period

Full day from 8am till 6:30pm

1/2 day from 8am to 12:30pm or 2pm to 6:30pm

Possibility to pick up the bikes in the day before

pick up between 6pm and 7pm 6€ additionnal charge

pick up between 4pm and 6pm 1/2 day

Night rate 5p m till 9am at the latest1/2 day price

Possible adjustments
  • Saddle height adjustment 4€
  • Other saddle adjustment 4€
  • Stem adjustment 4€
  • All oter modification of Bicycle a ccessoiries
  • Will be additionally charged with 4€ each piece
Condition of rental

Models and brands can be changed without advance notice depending to the Period and stocks. (Changed to a similar bike and similar accessories)

Compulsory wearing of a helmet, these can be rented in the shop

The customer is responsible for the rented equipment in the event of theft or degradation due to a fall or lack of care or inappropriate use.

Repair will be invoiced to the customer

The responsibility of the customer is engaged in case of theft or degradation

Or in case of improper use of the bicycle.

In the event of damage to equipment,the amount of damage will be carried out at the renter’s expense

Luz St Sauveur bike rental, your specialist shop.
Tourmalet Bikes
, offers a wide range of Luz St Sauveur bike rentals.
Indeed, Luz St Sauveur bike rental offers maintained and high-end cycling equipment. In order to meet various expectations, we offer several models Wilier. Thus, among our Champion range, you will find very high-end carbon-frame road bikes with unparalleled performance.

In order to make you fully enjoy the roads of the Pyrenees, here are two models of the Champion Range. Indeed, the Wilier 0 SLR and the WILIER 0 SL DISC FORCEAXS are among the most popular very high-end carbon frame bikes!

Our Champion Range bikes

Tourmalet bikes rental

Wilier 0 SLR

Weight: 6,5 kg

Wilier 0 SLR is the first super light racing frame with fully integrated disc brakes and cables. In its aesthetic simplicity, Wilier 0 SLR expresses the most complex concepts of lightness and integration. These are the characteristics that the most demanding cyclists desire for their technologically advanced racing bikes: ultra-lightness, stability and control at high speeds, braking efficiency, electronic transmission, aerodynamic efficiency, total cable integration. The set concentrated in the unique style of Wilier.


Is it possible to bring together the same performance as the bike that won the Tour of Lombardy 2020 in a competitively priced bike? The Wilier 0 SL has most of the features of the bikes ridden by Jakob Fuglsang, Alexey Lutsenko and Miguel Angel Lopez of Astana Pro Team. All this to guarantee a very high standard in terms of weight, precise handling and great aesthetic purity with cables completely integrated into the frame, to make each ride more and more more efficient.


In order to guarantee your Lue St Sauveur bike rental, reservation 48 hours before minimum – by email.

In July, August plan your reservation 5 days in advance.

Time Skylon or Pinarello Dogma F10 frame or similar model, depending on stock availability.

Included accessories

  • Repair-kit with CO2 pump, bottle cage, cycle computer

Group rates

Group rates minimum 6 bikes and maximum 10 bikes

Contact us for a quote

Required document

For rental we ask

Deposit of ID card

Deposit in the from of credit card charge

The shop closed at 7pm all equipment must be returned until 7pm at the latest

An additional rental fee will be charged after this moment


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